solano basses

Double Bass made by Rumano Solano


All new Solano Basses are warranted against manufacturing defects (e.g.- parts and labor) for 2 years following receipt of the instrument. However, as it is the customer's responsibility to keep the instrument in a safe environment, any damage related to weather or environmental conditions cannot be included in this warranty. You may find recommended environmental guidelines below to help safely store your instrument. Detailed terms and conditions of the warranty are explained here. If you have any questions about your instrument, please feel free to contact me using the methods on the right.

Temperature & Humidity

Solano basses like to live in the same climate as you do, with temperatures between 65°F and 73°F. However, your instrument is most susceptible to damage when the relative humidity is outside the range of approximately 40% to 60%. If readings are above the range, a dehumidifier should be used; if they’re below, a humidifier should be used. Dampits can also be used if the relative humidity is just about at the lower end of the range. You can measure the relative humidity using an inexpensive hygrometer, such as the ones listed here.

Of all the seasons, winter is the most dangerous to your instrument. Air is typically the driest during this time and thus a humidifier is usually required to keep the humidity in the safe range. The instrument should never be placed near any source of heat, such as a radiant heater, as the humidity surrounding the source will be much lower than on the other side of the room. If you have any questions regarding the care of your instrument, please contact me using any of the contact methods listed at right.

Contact Methods